Season of Lent 2024

Lent is a sacred season in which we are drawn through acts of penance and purification more deeply into the heart of Christ.

In many ways, Lent is about dying: dying to self as you embrace the cross of Christ; dying to the world as you live as a citizen of heaven; dying to material wants and sensual pleasures that you may be raised by God to new heights; dying to fleeting things so that you may take hold of eternal life. And all along, it is God who sustains you, gives you strength and directs your path. Lent, then, is a journey into the wondrous and beautiful heart of God. Our society is more divided than ever. Many have moved into tribal corners, seeing the world from an “us versus them” point of view. The teachings and writings of Bishop Michael Curry, most well-known for his passionate sermon about “The Power of Love”, inspire A Case for Love. This feature-length documentary examines the question of whether love, specifically—unselfish—love, is the solution to the extreme societal and political divide facing the world. We are making this question about “unselfish love” the theme for our observance of Lent this year. Can unselfish love be part of the solution to the extreme societal and political divide facing the world? Could the answer to society’s problems really be that simple and within the grasp of each of us? This will be our challenge and our goal: to identify unselfish love in our midst—in our daily life. Our focus will be to recognize where it isn’t present. Here is how we will go about this— some of you may elect to keep a daily journal of your observations; at each of our traditional soup suppers a challenging film will be viewed with discussion to follow.

Thoughts we will consider and explore—

1. How does one recognize “unselfish love”? What does it look like? 10

2. What is the opposite of unselfish love? Why?

3. What difference does God’s unconditional love make in your life?

4. What choices can we make to help the Church be the hands and feet of Christ, demonstrating Unselfish Love to a world in need?

We begin with Shrove Tuesday on February 13th with St. Paul’s Annual Pancake Supper at 5:00 PM and this will serve to put us in the frame of mind to prepare for Ash Wednesday on the following day with the liturgy of Imposition of Ashes & Holy Eucharist at 12:15 PM and 7:00 PM. The complete Lenten schedule will be published in the coming Friday e-newsletters and Sunday service bulletins. May you have a blessed Lenten observance.