Gospel Book History
This is our story. Enjoy reading our 190-year-strong faith journey right in Louisville. We want you to be in the story with us.
calendar Calendar
More ways to make new friends. Check out the calendar to explore new possibilities to pray, learn, serve, and rejoice together.
The Good News Letter The Good News
Finding Jesus in all around us. Enjoy our monthly newsletter featuring articles from the rector and other ministers.
Cross Parish Staff
Who is Fr. Andrew? Meet the team of our pastor, deacon, and staff members with interesting journeys and passions.
Preschool-logo-white-stroke-around.png Preschool Staff
Read up on teachers and faculty that may be primarily responsible for sculpting your child’s mind for God.
J73A9036 copy Preschool
Welcome to St. Paul’s Preschool, the hidden gem of Hikes Point. St. Paul’s has hosted an educational program since the 1960s.