We have been caring for children at St. Paul’s since the 1950’s.  Many of our current children have parents or grandparents who attended our school.  Educating the children of the Hikes Point, Buechel and St. Regis areas has kept our school in the hearts and minds of the local community.  The tradition continues today as we develop our programs to meet the needs of our surrounding neighbors.  

Call and schedule a tour at your convenience.  Come see for yourself why our community loves St. Paul’s!Our staff is carefully chosen and is under the supervision of our Director, Robyn Fischer. 

Please call 491-7418 or email preschoolstpauls@bellsouth.net for more information. 

Our Mission

“With God’s help, we will provide families of our community with the highest quality Christian preschool and daycare programs possible, offering a fun, safe, and nurturing environment in which children learn, play, and share together as they grow individually and collectively into social, loving, and spiritual children of God.”  

Register Now!

Applications are now being accepted for our Fall 2018 programs.

 Class sizes are limited. Call now to set up a class visit and see our classes in action!  

Our preschool classes include:

Class by Age of child(as of Aug ust 1, 2019)  Days of Attendance*3 Installment Payments/Yearly Tuition(Due 8/1, 12/1, 3/1)*10 Monthly Payments/Yearly Tuition(Due 1st of each month  Aug –May)
Two’s  (30 months -35 months)Tuesday & Thursday$566 / $1698$175 / $1750
Two’s  (30 months -35 months)Monday, Wednesday, Friday$780 / $2340$247 / $2470
Three’s (36 months – 47 months)+Tuesday & Thursday$499 / $1497$155/ $1550
Three’s (36 months – 47 months)+Monday, Wednesday, Friday$616 / $1848$191/ $1910
Four’s (48 months to school age)+Monday, Wednesday, Friday$616 / $1848$191 / $1910
Four’s (48 months to school age)+Monday through Friday$788 / $2464$245 / $2450

*Tuition / Fees:  Application Fee $150.00 per family (a $50.00 credit will be applied in May 2019 towards tuition)

*Supply Fee: $75.00 per child*Tuition is payable by two options: 3 Installment payments or 10 Monthly Payments

**Must be completely toilet trained (no pull ups or diapers)