“With God’s help, walking the spiritual journey of faith, we will be, and lead others to be, committed followers of Jesus Christ.”

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Whether you are visiting or looking for a church to call home, the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church welcome you!
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More ways to make new friends. Check out the parish calendar to explore new possibilities to pray, learn, serve, and rejoice.
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Welcome to St. Paul’s Preschool, the hidden gem of Hikes Point.  St. Paul’s has hosted an educational program since the 1960’s.

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Finding Jesus in all around us. Enjoy our monthly newsletter featuring articles from different ministers.

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General Announcement

advance notice!!!it’s in the planning stage and will soon be announced ST. PAUL’S BREAKFAST CONFRATERNITY that has the purpose of bringing together the men of the parish fornourishment, plotting, planning, and strategizing while exercising aman’s right to congregate, negotiate, have a chinwag, and otherwisepontificate about the issues of the world. Confrères will have no purpose […]

March From The Preschool

Spring is just around the corner, St Paul’s Family! As the weather warms and the grass and trees begin to green, the preschool children are more and more excited to make use of our wonderful playground and green space. They’re ready to run off the winter “blahs” and we grown-ups are ready to spend more […]

March From the Vestry

Missed Opportunities Today I was returning from dropping off fellowship supplies at church and I happened to pass a man who had put several bags of groceries down on the sidewalk. I cannot tell you anything about this man. I do not know if he was young or old, black, or white, gay, or straight. […]