Native American Spirituality and Christianity

Sunday, June 30, 2:00 P.M.

As Robin Bowen prepares to travel to Louisville to represent the Diocese of South Dakota in the House of Deputies at the General Convention of The Episcopal Church, we are preparing for her subsequent arrival here at St. Paul’s on the Sunday after the close of the convention.  Interest is growing here at St. Paul’s about what Robin will share about her indigenous culture and spirituality.  Consider these words from the biographical letter that Robin has shared with us—

“I died once for a short while and I experienced the overwhelming love of God that you feel when you cross over, I didn’t want to come back but apparently it wasn’t my time.  Another time a miracle happened through the power of prayer, and I told God I will serve him by bringing people to him by how ever they chose to come to him.  ‘I will be sure they know you and your son.’  There is one God.  He is prayed to in many ways.  Some people look up, some people look down, some get down on their knees, some stand and some dance around.  Some sing praises, some are totally silent—they are all right in how they talk to God.  In the end you will be asked one question, did you love each other?  So, when I come to you to share my culture it may be different.  But I will come in Love, and I will share a prayer in song with you in my native tongue.  Until then I wish you good health and happiness and may God Bless you.”