February from the Vestry

Kitty Riney, Sr. Warden s I embark on the awesome responsibility of being your Senior Warden in 2024 I wish to thank you for allowing me this opportunity. This next year will have its own unique challenges. The 81st General Convention, June 20th to June 28th, is being hosted by our Diocese. It will be a major undertaking. I am so pleased that Louisville is hosting. It will be a great chance to show fellow Episcopalians our great city. There will be 800-1000 Volunteers needed, that does not include the number of attendees at the conference. Louisville is going to be crawling with Episcopalians!! Volunteers will come from all over the world, Alaska, Virgin Islands just to mention a couple. Needless to say, they need places to stay and in some cases rides to the conference center in downtown Louisville. The volunteers are traveling, lodging, eating on their own dime so we may be asked to help. For example, we may be hunting for anyone who has an extra guest room they may be willing to volunteer. Also, St. Paul’s is in a good part of town for less expensive lodging. We may be asked to shuttle volunteers (not attendees) back and forth to the convention center. Well as you can tell there’s some interesting opportunities around the corner. You will be hearing more from me on this. By the way, if you would like to be one of those volunteers go to https://www.episcopalky.org. A February 2024 SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS 5 My focus in 2024 will be on helping to make a successful convention and taking care of the health of our beautiful parish. I am truly looking forward to serving as your Senior Warden. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about any ideas, complaints or praise you may have.