“The vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property” (as cited in The Episcopal Church website).

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In all reality, a call to serve on the Vestry is more than a business matter.  They are a group of people whom the parish called their leaders and work with the rector as partners in ministry.  We have nine people, three in each class–Junior, Middler, and Senior. In the three years of their duty, they grow together as a faithful disciple and servant leader of the congregation.

Vestry Members

Senior Class (’25)
Kitty – Senior Warden
Cindy Miner – Outreach
– Fellowship

Middler Class (’26)
Kathy Dawkins – Junior Warden
George Busch – Building & Grounds
Jason Solan – Formation

Junior Class (‘27)
Susie Aebersold – Secretary
Pam Dickmann – Worship
Tom Yurt – Stewardship

Staff Members

Todd Ihrig – Minister of Music
Robyn FischerParish Administrator

Clergy Members

Fr. Andrew Shirota, Rector

Fr. Andrew joined St. Paul’s in June of 2014 from East Lansing, Michigan.  He is an immigrant from Japan. Before St. Paul’s, he has served in All Saints in East Lansing, Michigan; All Saints in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; St. Benedict’s in Lacey, Washington.  He has earned the Master of Divinity from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (now Bexley-Seabury Federation) in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to seminary, he worked in a DNA testing field with his Computer Science background.

Currently, he is a graduate student at Kent School of Social Work hoping to specialize in gerontology to pursue his passion to build an inter-generational ministry.

Deacon Pete Womack

Deacon Pete was raised in Louisville and grew up in the parish of St. Francis in The Fields. He went to Indiana University where he earned a degree in Medical Technology, and later an MS in Biochemistry from the University of Louisville while he worked in biomedical research. He currently works at Humana as a data analyst. He is married to Kim, and has two children, Kathryn and Michael, both of whom grew up at St. Paul’s. He began his discernment to the diaconate 2014, leading to ordination in February, 2022.

Fr. Roger Walker, Priest Associate


Fr. Roger joined us in July of 2021 after retirement from Holy Trinity Brandenburg, KY.  He is a Kentucky native and a well-seasoned social worker with 30 years of experience.  He specializes in small group formation, and currently leads Wednesday nights book group as well as mentoring the Education for Ministry from the University of South on Tuesday nights.  Fr. Roger loves coffee and Yorkshire Terrier.  Beau loves to run around in the church backyard and occasionally joins in our Christian formations.