All of the teachers were very nurturing and understanding. We have many memories of Lukas standing with Mrs. Diane on the playground, wishing he would be more outgoing with the other kids but so thankful she was there for him. By the time Mason arrived, we were already familiar with the school and had no second thoughts of sending Mason there for his two years-even though Lukas was in our parish grade at school at the time.

That inviting and warm feeling at St. Paul’s started with the Director at the top. She always made the families feel welcomed and a part of the school. I like how the preschool also worked as a community outreach for St. Paul’s Church. From the cozy hallways to those Christmas celebrations (Holiday House)–the one in which Lukas lip-synced–the feeling was welcoming and safe.

If a young family is considering a preschool, they can’t do better than St. Paul’s. Their children will enjoy a personalized education and a gentle introduction to socialization. Their kids will be treated with the importance and respect they all deserve.

Kevin & Elizabeth Sedelmeier (Lukas & Mason)