Four year olds show an excitement for learning and know they are maturing and can understand complex and involved curriculum.  The classes offered in either 3 day a week or 5 day a week, use a variety of elements to construct a day filled with hands on and creative centers.  

Our curriculum includes elements from High Scope, Learning without Tears, Alpha Time, Touch Math and Mindfulness for Kids.  Each lesson plan is created to keep in step with the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards.  

Kindergarten prep is a focus along with a greater sense of self and coming to terms to what being a good steward of ‘school’ is for each child.  Holding classroom jobs and communication with friends is key to maneuvering existence in a classroom environment. The children gain skills with public speaking, learn self control with our new Mindful Kids program and work their bodies with large motor movement on our playground.  

We will accomplish those goals by:

  • Providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment.
  • Providing a variety of books, songs, learning centers, sensory and art to create an environment they willing want to participate and engage in daily. 
  • Having access to open art centers that are accessible daily and free to choose from a variety of art media (clay/dough, paints, markers, chalk, crayons, stencils).
  • Participating in small group instruction in areas of language arts and math. 
  • Extending learning opportunities by playing cooperatively on the expansive playground and school grounds.