There are such fond memories within me of St. Paul’s. I simply loved Rose McDonough. She would stand outside each morning as the cars drove up and she would help each child out of the car and someone else would greet them at the door. I can still see Garrison running up to the door with his Mickey Mouse backpack. It was such a sweet and loving environment and there was not a day that Garrison didn’t want to go to school. I cannot remember his teacher’s names except for Ms. Kathy when he was 3 years old and Ms. Penny when he was 5 years old (although he simply loved Ms. Kathy). His favorite was the merry-go-round that he would push the others and then jump on! The performances (Fall, Christmas, end of school) were elaborate! I remember being so amazed that these little ones could remember so many words to all the songs along with the hand and body motions.

Sweet, sweet memories! Thank you!

Marilyn Polsgrove (Garrison)