Studies show that children who attend programs with high-quality early learning environments have better math, language and social skills.  Kentucky All STARS is Kentucky’s expanded five-star quality rating and improvement system. This rating allows our school  to have an opportunity to achieve quality above the minimum requirements required by our licensing agency. Currently, St. Paul’s Preschool is a level 4 STAR rated facility.  

  • All STARS level one is achieved by meeting regulatory requirements. 
  • STARS level two is achieved by completing a set of required domains and standards. 
  • STARS levels three through five must meet the requirements for levels 1 & 2 while meeting other standards from  a large menu to show quality & we must undergo an environmental observation by a Cabinet – approved rater.  

What does a Kentucky All STARS rating mean for your child?

STAR rated centers and family child care homes are showing their commitment to quality by participating in Kentucky All STARS.

  • Kentucky All STARS domains and standards are based on quality indicators: Family & Community Engagement, Classroom & Instructional Quality, Staff Qualifications & Professional Development, and Administrative & Leadership Practices.
  • Any provider participating at a Level 3 or higher has completed an evaluation of the program using a nationally standardized tool, the Environmental Rating Scale (ERS). (by Harms, Cryer and Clifford)
  • All STARS providers have access to technical assistance coaches who provide guidance in the areas of health & safety, quality improvement, professional development, and training.

 What difference does quality make?

  • Better parent-child relationships
  • Greater thinking skills
  • Better attention skills
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Better relationship with peers
  • Greater chance for finishing school and attending college


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