Music and Movement

Mindful Kids

Children doing yoga in classroom
Mindful Kids

Beginning in 2019-2020 we are offering the yoga program “Mindful Kids.” The children learn calming and centering techniques to start their day during circle time, or throughout the day when the opportunity arises.  The children also have the opportunity to visit the Music room for classes in music/movement and yoga.

Benefits of yoga for preschoolers:

  • It builds their strength and flexibility.
  • It increases their body awareness, balance, and coordination.
  • It brings a sense of calmness & relaxation.
  • It fosters their language & social skills.
  • It enhances their self esteem.

Music and Movement

Children playing the drums outside
Music and Movement

Along with routine songs and chants that staff members engage the students with in everyday classroom experiences, the children also visit with our Music and Movement teacher once a week. During these weekly sessions, the children will participate in listening to music, singing, learning new coordinating movements, and learning to keep rhythm and dance to the beat.

Joyful learning through music and movement allows children to develop a sense of self-expression and build vital fine and gross motor skills.  Learning new songs increases memory and listening skills.

The children use various early childhood instruments such as rhythm sticks, percussion wood blocks, triangles, choral bells, tambourines, shakers, and dancing scarves.

During the course of the year, all of the St. Paul’s Preschool children hone their skills and love of singing to perform in our annual “Holiday House” Christmas production.  This is often the first time many of the children will experience an audience to cheer them on!  Our Pre-K children further their performing skills while participating in our year-end Graduation ceremony.  They delight their families with song, dance, and instrumental numbers.