Children enrolled in our program will participate in a developmental screening within 90 days of the start of the school year (or upon first day of student’s enrollment).  The Brigance Early Childhood Screenings will provide quick, easy, and accurate screening of skills that are critical predictors of school success, including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help, and social-emotional skills. The goal is to identify urgent needs and to determine whether the child should be referred to a specialist for further evaluation to verify developmental or health risks.

If a screening indicates a concern with the child, a referral is made for services after a discussion with the family. Families can be referred to Jefferson County Schools Exceptional Child Education Placement office, First Steps or many other local agencies.  We welcome therapists to come to our school and work with individual children as needed .  

If any child has an IEP (Individualized Education Program), the school will make every effort to support the child following the IEP.  The IEP is meant to address each child’s unique learning issues and include specific educational goals. 

St. Paul’s does work with several agencies that will offer in-house optional screenings at your request.  These screenings will occur in the fall and permission slips will be handed out prior to the screening dates.

  • Heuser Speech and Hearing Institute will provide assessment in speech and hearing. These screenings are paid for by the parent at a nominal fee. Results will be available within a week to ten days after the screening. 
  • Kid Sight will provide vision screenings.  Kid Sight is a free screening offered by the Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation.  This screening provides immediate feedback and results will be sent home the same day.